Thursday, February 25, 2021

Otome Nostalgia


I didn’t want to shove this coordinate into a seasons outfit post since I really like how these photos turned out and I wanted to do a mini review of this release. Just a disclaimer this is my opinion and my experience and everyone’s different so keep that in mind.

When VioletFane first announced this print, I wasn’t too excited since I just assumed it would be the usual JSK cut and or style but I was pleasantly surprised when it was revealed to be an OP! I’m definitely biased since I love OP’s so much more than JSK’s. The print reminded me a lot of Nakano Broadway especially the clustered shops with vintage/older items it also reminded me of older series from the year 24 group. When I first imagined how I would wear this dress I wanted to add tacky/kitschy elements that reminded me of the clustered shops in Nakano. I’m really happy on how it turned out and next time I want to add even more mismatched accessories.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Winter outfits

Happy New Year! Nothing to really add besides here are some coordinates from early Winter! It was super cold and rainy this season where I live so it was hard to get some cute photos! I’m also adding some coordinates that I put together for the 2021 EGL Challenge by grownhaunted on insta.

Outfit rundown:
Hat: The Beheaded
Cutsew: Moi même Moitié
JSK: VioletFane
Cardigan: Offbrand
Tights, Accessories: VioletFane + Local shops
Shoes: Doc Martens

This was a comfy coordinate that I wore to go to the DVD rental store and to run a few errands around the house. The JSK is super comfortable however I ordered a size too big and I still need to get it taken in but it’s easy to hide with an outer layer!